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16/02/2019 Jasmine Palace hotel

The MAFP celebrated the completion of TOF parts 1-3 by 19 newly certified teachers of Family Medicine. These graduates are now prepared to participate directly in Primary Care systems strengthening in Myanmar by leading future clinical training programs for undergraduate and graduate Family Medicine students in Yangon.

The Chairman of the MAFP described the graduates as participating in the “the dawn of Family Medicine in Myanmar, after 30 years of night.” The Vice-Chairman highlighted his pride in discussing the accomplishment within the greater Myanmar medical community. The Southeast Asia Regional Director for the BU Global Health Collaborative congratulated the MAFP on its historic pace in making Family Medicine a reality in Myanmar. Finally the MAFP Program Director challenged the graduates to accept their newfound teaching responsibilities and highlighted MAFP’s plans to offer continued career development.

Afterwards, one of the student participants expressed his satisfaction of participating in this training program and enthusiasm to contribute to future MAFP programs. Then a newly graduated trainer thanked the program organizers, course instructors and student participants for their help in creating unique teaching experiences and the building of skills to teach Family Medicine.


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