Meet the Team

We are proud to introduce the faculty, administrative team, and international partners behind MAFP.

Clinical Faculty

MAFP clinical faculty have undergone a four year, multi-step Training of Faculty program led by Boston University and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). Certification as MAFP faculty is conferred after individuals have written Membership program curriculum, defined student objectives and assessment tools, shown competency in didactic training, and completed many hours of teacher training in the clinic setting.

Dr. Win Lwin Thein


Dr. Kyaw Thu

Program Director

Dr. Vijay Kumar

Associate Program Director

Dr. Tin Tin Hla

Adacemic Conaultant

Dr. Lwin May Oo

Membership Program Manager 2

Dr. Htay Win

Manager of Board of Censors

Dr. Khin Mi Mi

Manager of Practice Management

Dr. Aung Maw

Manager of Chapter of Teachers

Dr. Mya Win Hnit

Academic Director

Administrative Team

Dr.Tin Aye


International Partners

The effort to establish MAFP in Myanmar and introduce Family Medicine as a medical specialty has become a truly global effort, with technical and financial partners on three continents. In addition, MAFP faculty members have received teacher training in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia, and have attended international Family Medicine conferences in Thailand, Taiwan, Brunei and Brazil.

Boston University Global Health Collaborative (BUGHC)

BUGHC is an organization that is committed to improving access to primary care in the lower and lower-middle income countries. Our faculty members have been involved in the development of Family Medicine and the improvement of primary care since the 1980s. We provide technical assistance and consultation to MAFP in the development of a sustainable foundation for primary care system reform and Family Medicine strengthening in Myanmar. In addition, we are proud to offer fellowships and faculty development in the United States for Myanmar physicians.

Shin Kong Life Foundation (SKLF)

Shin Kong Life Foundation (SKLF) was established in 1983 to provide and support philanthropic and public service programs in the spirit of giving back to society and innovation, as embodied by Shin Kong group founder Wu Ho-Su. In addition to traditional disaster relief, the foundation works with non-profit organizations (NPOs) in three major strategic development areas: oral history, women’s health, and aboriginal education.

Now Shin Kong Life Foundation, Shin Kong Bank and Shin Kong Wo Ho-Su Memorial Hospital cooperate to support this Myanmar Medical Empowerment Project with Myanmar Academy of Family Physicians to make significant advances in each of these areas and have set an energetic and positive tone for Family Medicine development tone for Family Medicine development in Myanmar.

The foundation takes full advantage of the resources of the Shin Kong Group. Through systematic performance evaluations, it aims to maximize the benefits of these programs to prevent and resolve societal problems.

Shin Kong Group:

Shin Kong Life Foundation:

The Manan Trust

The Manan Trust is a grant-making charity formed in 2016 by the First State Stewart Asia investment management team. The Trust supports community development, education, environmental protection and healthcare projects in Asia. Currently, we fund more than 25 projects in countries including Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. We believe a collaborative and innovative approach to social investment and philanthropy is needed to create sustainable solutions to global problems. We aim to support effective and measurable projects which alleviate poverty and improve people’s education, health and livelihoods.

Royal College of General Practitioners

Global Health through Education, Training and Service (GHETS)

GHETS is a non-governmental organization dedicated to improving health in underserved communities around the world. GHETS collaborates with and assists the BUGHC with the consultation and technical assistance to MAFP. GHETS also provides funding for salary support for direct engagement from staff with the MAFP in curriculum development and direct teaching.


INFORMATION MATRIX CO., LTD. is a media and technology company based in Yangon, Myanmar. The Company was created in 2001 through the merger of Myanmar Inforithm Ltd. (established 1997) and Maze Media (established 2000).


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