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Working with z-waka for Better Family Practice Management- December 2021

14/12/2021 MAFP Office and Training Clinics

The MAFP is working with other societies or institutions which have objectives similar to or compatible with its own. Z-waka is an IT company which is trying to enable clinics in low resource settings to provide affordable quality healthcare through practice management tools including Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.
Since October 9, 2021, MAFP and z-waka team up to launch a free EHR program for the primary care doctors working in community. More than 100 doctors have joined the program and at present, most of them are actively using the z-waka app in their daily practice transforming the paper-based medical records into electronic health records. This transformation is one of the fundamentals for continuing professional development and primary care research.
On Dec 14, 2021, MAFP and z-waka jointly conducted a webinar on International Classification for Primary Care-edition 3 (ICPC3), using it in z-waka app, and benefits of using ICPC3 in EHR were discussed. The GPs using the z-waka app and other interested doctors attended.


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